In a Carob Kick

This afternoon was quite uneventful, but that’s ok, it’s summer (for me, at least) and it’s supposed to be lazy, right?

I decided to try out the vegan cookie I got from Caputo’s yesterday as my afternoon snack. After reading the nutritional label, I saw that the cookie was actually a nutritious one. The brand is Nutrilicious Bakery and just like their name implies, these cookies are not only nutritious, but delicious as well! My cookie had 170 kcal, 4 kcal from fat, 3 grams of protein, and 5 g of fiber! Let me tell you, this cookie did not taste at all healthy, though it was! It was the best oatmeal raisin cookie I’ve had in all my life, and that’s saying a lot! If you ever come across these cookies, don’t pass them up! They’re great!

After watching tons of Tivo’ed Everyday Italian I saw the episode where Giada cooks vegetarian friendly dishes. One that really caught my interest was a dish called Mushroom Parmesan, and though not vegan, I was elated to find that I had all the ingredients in my kitchen to veganize this recipe, and so that’s what I made for dinner. Along with my mushroom parmesan (made with vegan FYH mozzarella), I heated up some brown rice that was in the fridge, although now that I think about it, this would’ve gone great with some pasta! I had a small red cabbage and tomato salad on the side. Dinner was yummy and totally calmed my cravings for Italian. Thanks in part to my fave chef, Giada!

I got hit by the baking bug all of a sudden so I decided to make a recipe I’ve been eying for quite some time now: Dreena’s Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies, but with a few moderations. I used WW Pastry Flour instead of all purpose flour and CAROB chips instead of chocolate chips, because I just love carob! Although not traditional, these cookies did not disappoint! Dreena is a genius and these cookies show off her culinary skills! These were amazing that I highly advise you to try the recipe if you already haven’t. The carob chips only made these cookies all the more better!

I enjoyed my cookie with a glass of refreshing vanilla soymilk. Yum! 🙂

There’s nothing like ending the evening on a sweet note. 😀


One thought on “In a Carob Kick

  1. I am THE carob queen, so reading that you too love carob is a treat!! :0D Keep enjoying it!!

    Love that cookie recipe from Dreena – it’s a classic, for sure!

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