Weekend Recap

Greetings from home!

Sorry I did not update the blog this weekend. I was just uber busy with moving, unpacking, visiting friends, Mother’s Day, and so on. Glad to be back because summer is here! Whoo-hoo!

On to the food…

Saturday Dinner:

  • Two gorditas from my favorite Mexican restaurant: one made with red potatoes, tofu, and refried beans, the second made with just refried beans. YUM! I also ordered a delicious homemade carrot juice (about 16 oz). The juice was awesome because the carrots they used were totally sweet! Very refreshing!

Sunday Brunch:

  • One French Meadow Valley Hempseed Bagel (the bagel had an interesting taste.. not sure if I REALLY like it, but would eat it again) spread with 1.5 tbsp cashew butter (I LOVE CASHEW BUTTER!!!) and 1 tbsp of Raspberry Jam. I also had a banana and a cup of strawberries on the side. Oh! I drank about 4 oz of delicious almond milk on the side.

Sunday Dinner:

  • For Mother’s Day, my sister made reservations to Cafe Bolero, a Cuban restaurant. My parents are from Nicaragua, and we go to Miami at least once a year to relish in our culture (there are more Nicaraguans in Miami than in Chicago… Chicago is pretty much just Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, hehe) and we were just ecstatic when we found this Cuban restaurant in Chicago. Cuban cuisine has somewhat similar aspects to it with ours, and this restaurant totally reminded us of Miami, so we really enjoyed our restaurant trip there.
  • I ordered the Vegetarian Paella, and while the dish was described to be a plethora of veggies, I was somewhat disappointed when my meal came and it was mainly rice with the veggies being more of a side dish. I still ate half of the HUGE plate, along with some of my mom’s delicious black bean soup, some yummy sweet fried plantain and one huge tostone (a fried non-sweet plantain). This mini-trip to Cuba was delicious and we are definitely going back again soon!

Sunday Dessert:

  • One ABC Snickerdoodle cookie with about 6 oz of vanilla almond milk. Perfect sweet ending to a sweet weekend at home. 🙂

One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. I really must try some of those bagels…everyone keeps talking about them! BTW, don’t you just love cashew butter?
    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

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