Tofu Scramble

Hello again!

I just came back from doing errands with my mom. It’s a thing we do often: we always go out to either grocery shop, go to the mall or stores, just hang out while my sisters are at school and at work. It’s our time to hang out. 🙂

My mom surprised me today by taking me to a special store that she’s been wanting to show me. After dropping off the things at our friend’s house, we drove over to Naperville to a special grocery store called Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market. My mom and I totally love to grocery shop, so it was areal treat going to a fancy market like this one.

It was a great trip and this place has an extensive ethnic foods section. It was awesome. The produce was nice and fresh and they even had a special organic section where my mom and I spent most of our time. They had tons of vegan goodies (vegan donuts!!) that it was so difficult to choose what I wanted. I decided on a delicious looking Oatmeal Raisin cookie because this is my favorite type of cookie and I haven’t had one since I became vegan because I hadn’t seen any until today. We spent a good hour or so here shopping for food and stuff and then we headed over to a TJ Maxx store next door.

On to the food! For lunch I had the delicious tofu scramble my mom had made for me for breakfast. She told be she just cubed the tofu, chopped up some green and orange peppers, onions, and tomatoes, sauteed them in a bit of canola oil, garlic and onion powder and sprinkled some turmeric while cooking. She finished it off with chopped cilantro. It was really good! Glad to be home and having home cooked meals again, :). I also heated up a half cup serving of refried red beans (soo good) and had two baked corn tostadas on the side. I saw some cut up strawberries in the fridge so I ate that as well. Lunch was delish and satisfying. My tummy is all happy now. 😀

I’m gonna go do some serious unpacking now.. I’ve been postponing that a lot. :-p


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