Last Dinner

Tonight is the last dinner I will have in my dorm for a while… I can’t wait to be back at home!

Although tonight is pretty celebratory, I jus had a normal dinner of whatever was left in my fridge: some homemade refried beans, the last of the delicious nutritional yeast queso sauce (definitely will make this again), and about 2 servings of some natural blue corn tortilla chips. Oh yea, I also had the other half of my small avocado (I love avocado! I think I could eat one everyday, hehe). I also decided to eat another valencia orange, just so I can get rid of them (still have a couple left.

I am so tired but I can’t afford to take a nap.. my pharmacology exam is bright and early tomorrow so I have to make the most of tonight. You all have a good night. I’ll see you in the AM. 🙂


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