Halfway There

Two down, two to go… and they just happen to be the most difficult ones, too: microbiology and pharmacology. Yikes! But what makes it worth this is that I will get to be back home by tomorrow afternoon. How sweet is that? 🙂 That’s what’s gonna keep me going these next 24 hours.

Well, my breakfast of champions lasted me a good 2.5 hours, which is good considering it was just fruit. I think I prefer having a more substantial meal for breakfast, but once in a while having just fruit for breakfast might be what I crave. My stomach started to growl during my Nutrition exam (which went well!) so I ate a Banana Cookie LARABAR while taking the test. I liked this flavor, but I much prefer the Cashew Cookie flavor! It is so good!

After the exam I went over to sell some more books (got 25 bucks) and then headed over to my local health food store and went grocery shopping (not for right now, but for back home) to get rid of my meal card money. I think I made a successful trip.. I look forward to blogging bout certain items once at home.

For lunch, I decided to toast up 3 slices of Ezekiel Sprouted Grain bread and slathered on the last 2 tbsp of my delicious creamy and roasted almond butter. I also had about 2 tsp raspberry jam. Yum! Oh almond butter, I shall miss thee! But I bought some more interesting nut butters so I’ll have to finish those off first before buying my dear almond butter again. I had another huge banana on the side (I love bananas, hehe). Lunch was simple, yet satisfying.

Off to do some major last minute studying… less than 24 hours to go! Summer’s on the way! 🙂


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