Hello all! Just checkin’ in real quick before I go study some more..

I didn’t have a proper dinner due to the lack of food I have in my room! I am leaving on Saturday and don’t think it’d be beast to buy food when I’m leaving so soon. So I was going to go to the cafeteria but they closed on me! What to do? The only available food I have right now is some rice cakes (6) and cut up pineapple, so that’s what I ate. Lol, not very nutritional at all, I know.. I’m sorry meals have been so sporadic and very unbalanced lately.. I’m just running out of food! I did manage to find another LARABAR so I’ll eat that too before going to bed tonight. I try really hard to eat well most of the time so that I can afford days like these when food is not nutritionally adequate (whether overload or under).

Sorry for such uninspiring meals.. but I promise it will get better once all this craziness is over! Have a good night!


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