Breakfast of Champions

Good morning all! How is everyone’s day?

I have one exam coming up today and I’m ready for it already! I can’t take this anymore, lol, I want all this to be over. Just one more day.. I can make it!

I guess I’m feeling more sressed out than I thought I was because my appetite has definitely been affected these past few days. Normally, when I’m under a lot of stress, I tend to not eat as much as I should be. Bad Evey! Today is one of those days where I know my appetite is going to be a little loopy due to so many things I have to do before I get to go home tomorrow afternoon…

I decided to do something different for breakfast and have a Skinny Bitch Breakfast of Champions. On page 142 of their book they state: “The breakfast of skinny bitches is organic fruit. This may seem light in comparison to your previous bagel or eggs or cereal. But again, once you adapt, you will be totally fulfilled by fruit. Eat one piece (or serving) slowly. After a period of time – perhaps ten minutes or so – when you feel hungry, eat another piece, slowly. When you feel hungry again, eat one more. Breakfast is over. We hope you’ll at least try having just fruit for breakfast before deciding it’s not for you.”

So that’s what I decided to do for today’s breakfast. At least this way I can say I at least tried this idea. So today’s breakfast was organic mango, two valencia oranges, and one banana. I love fruit and since my tummy is a little queasy and I took Skinny Bitches’ advice and ATE IT SLOWLY, it filled me right up. We’ll see how far just fruit can carry me though (probably not much, lol, but we’ll see).

Off to study a little more of Nutrition before taking the exam at 10:30! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. Thanks hk! I’m off to take it right now.. it shouldn’t be too bad, but my nerves are through the roof. I just got to keep telling myself: I’m almost there.. I’m almost there. 🙂

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