Errands, Studying, and a Burrito

WOW, the day just flew right by with a ton of things for me to do that I haven’t gotten the chance to sit down until RIGHT NOW.

Well, I finished my exam this morning about 30 minutes into it, so yea, I think I did pretty good. 🙂 After the exam I went straight to the bookstore to sell my books and got $41 for 3 books (fair, but could’ve been more). After that, I walked over to the Health Center to get my TB test read and to get an annual physical.. I’m in tip-top shape! 🙂

I couldn’t decide whether to go home and study or head straight on to Walmart. I decided to catch the bus over to Walmart and buy my mom her mother’s day gift. On the ride there I ate my cashew cookie LARABAR (mmm! THESE are by far the best of the flavors I tried so far. I think I found a fave!) in case I couldn’t make it in time for lunch. I got my mom a nice card and something she’s been wanting for a while: a food processor! 🙂 Of course I shall be using it at home as well, but hopefully she’s the one that will benefit from it that most.

After Walmart, I hopped on the bus and realized 20 minutes into it that I was on the WRONG ONE! Oops! I told the bus driver where I wanted to go and he kindly pointed me to the RIGHT way home. When all was said and done I didn’t get home til 4 oclock and had my lunch then! It’s a good thing I had eaten that LARABAR so I could hold over to my very late lunch.

For lunch, I decided to use up my last Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortilla (very good! Will definitely buy again) and make a burrito for lunch. I heated up some of my homemade refried beans, cut up half of a small avocado and crumbled up some blue corn tortilla chips and used these as my filling. I also poured on some delicious nutritional yeast queso sauce on top. I wrapped the whole thing up in true burrito fashion and enjoyed my late lunch. It was quite good! I also drank some 10 oz orange juice that was sitting in my fridge.

Off to do some studying (what else is new?). “See” you for dinner!


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