Salad in a Wrap

Ugh, my tummy felt sick again after eating dry cereal. I had that uncomfortable feeling of extreme fullness but luckily I didn’t get heartburn so I ate my banana mid morning.

For lunch, I decided to go light again and eat a salad, but I had to get some carbs in so I decided to wrap it up in an Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortilla. My salad consisted of steamed spinach, the last of my broccoli slaw, some steamed soybeans, the other half of a small avocado, and some grape tomatoes. I slathered about a tbsp of Nayonnaise on the tortilla and wrapped the salad into it and voila! Lunch was served. This really sucks though because I’m eating with fear of getting that dreaded pain.. I LOVE food and it sucks that my tummy is not lovin’ it right now.. I hope to get better soon, but I shall continue to eat as much I possibly can because I need to! Oh, pain, pain, go away please!

I have planned to eat about 1/3 cup slivered almonds and a mini box of raisins for a snack. Off to study some more.. hope your humpday is going better than mine is.


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