Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Hey guys! I just realized that it is Cinco de Mayo… hooray!

I personally am not Mexican, but I’m Latin so I guess I can partake in some festivities, right?

I decide to go Mexican tonight. I grabbed the last of my refried beans and cut up half of a small avocado and had a serving of Tostitos Organic Natural Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (these are HUGE. I prefer Guiltless Gourmet chips because I can have more of those tiny ones for the same amount of calories. I love to eat in true volumetric fashion). I smothered some awesome nutritional yeast queso sauce on the chips and enjoyed the Mexican flavors.

While I truly enjoyed my dinner, some time afterwards, I got the same full feeling accompanied by a burning sensation in my esophagus, as if I’d eaten way too much and I really did not eat that much. Could this be heartburn? I’ve been getting it practically every time after I eat.. I wonder what’s wrong? Hopefully it will clear soon.. I don’t like feeling this, even though it doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it is quite uncomfortable and definitely puts a damper on my planned dessert! Bummer!


2 thoughts on “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

  1. I just wanted to say what a fan I am of your blog! Your eating habits are almost identical to mine and I love your dedication to posting. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Aww, thanks Danielle.

    I’m glad my blog that you enjoy my blog.. I do it all for the readers! 🙂

    Thanks for your encouraging words and I hope you continue to check out the blog (Even though I don’t post pics! But I will soon.. so stay tuned!)

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