Hand Blender = New Luv

I really love my new hand blender.. this gadget is amazing! I made another smoothie today in an effort to eat up all of this food I have.

My lunch today was another whole wheat pita stuffed with delicious Goddess Garbanzos and some broccoli slaw. On the side I had a couple of cherry tomatoes. I decided to have my smoothie with my lunch (something I rarely do). But this time the smoothie didn’t turn out as good as the one I made last night. It was the exact same recipe as yesterday’s Banana Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, except I replaced the almond milk with 4 oz orange juice. Bad idea. The orange juice completely overpowered the whole smoothie and I couldn’t even taste neither the banana or pumpkin pie mix. Maybe next time I’ll cut back the amount of orange juice (maybe 2 oz?) or just use non dairy milk instead of fruit juices in smoothies.

It was fun experimenting though! What concoction will I come up with next… ?


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