I Need A Camera

Hmm, I would really like to start posting pictures of my food, because as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But my family nor I own a digital camera… they seem, to me at least, expensive and my family and I never really did take much pictures, except for special occasions. But I guess it is time for us to get one, especially for me and my new blog.

I think my blog would be much more interesting and would only get better once pictures are posted.

Oh well, for now I guess I will just continue with just describing my food intake.

Before I get back to studying about the invisible world of microbiology, I shall blog about my lunch.

Lunch ended up being surprsingly later than usual (4:00!) because I had gone to Wal Mart to purchase some goodies with a gift card I had recieved. I decided to get a few more groceries and a hand blender! I’m so excited to start using this with making smoothies, dressings, sauces and pureeing soups from ED&BV. 🙂

Even though lunch was later than usual, I did not find myself to be very hungry at all, even though I had eaten breakfast 6 and half hours earlier. I attribute most of that to the VERY filling cereal combo I had for breakfast. Protein, fiber, and nuts go a LONG way with me.

For lunch I decided to have a whole wheat pita stuffed with organic baby spinach and ED&BV’s amazing Goddess Garbanzos and I drank 8 oz of POM Tea (I got this mainly for the pretty glass to make smoothies, hehe). I decided to go light with lunch today because (a) I wasn’t that hungry and (b) dinner is only a couple of hours so I didn’t want to feel too stuffed since my tummy is acting a bit weird on me, lately. I get really full for a couple hours after eating even though I may not have eaten THAT much (at least it doesn’t seem that way with me).

I do hope my stomach gets its appetite back because I have a very good dinner planned for tonight…


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