Last Clinical

Today was my last clinical of the year and I’m both sad and happy at the same time. I’m sad that I won’t be goin to the hospital anymore, but I’m glad to take a break from all the document writing!

My patient turned out to be a good one today… I had heard she was troublesome, but she was just dandy with me. 🙂

For an early breakfast this morning, I combined 1 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal and 1/2 cup Nature’s Path Ginger Zing Granola (I’m really loving this granola! It is really good!) with a cup almond milk. I had a perfectly ripe banana on the side. Delish and kept me fueled for an amazing 5 hours!!

I still was not hungry for lunch after 5 hours, but I knew I had to eat something so I decided on a good old AB&J sammy made with 2 tbsp almond butter (this nut butter is growing on me.. I’m liking it more and more each time I eat it), 1 tbsp Raspberry Jam, and one whole wheat pita. I did a big no-no today… I decided to have Terra Chips as my side because I’m out of fruit (gasp!) and I reasoned that sweet potatoes are good for you so sweet potato chips would have some nutritional value. But I had to remember that these are FRIED, not baked. and yet I still ate about two serving sizes (around 320 kcal?) for no particular reason. Bad Evey! Ugh.. i guess i just have to watch my calories for tonight’s snack and dinner.

It’s time to get crackin’ and start to study for FINALS, which for me starts on Thursday. I have a theology final on Tuesday, a nursing exam on Thursday, my nutrition final on Friday, pharmacology AND microbiolgy on Saturday… and then I go home for SUMMER on Sat afternoon after finals… YAY!

But before then, lots of studying will have to take place… so off to the library it is! “See” you for dinner!


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