And the bad weather continues…

Yes, it was a dreary day and now it is even snowing (yes, SNOWING!!) right now. Can you believe it? So not the spring weather I’d like it to be… *sigh*.. but what can you do?

In an effort to lighten this crappy day, I decided to swap my snack time for a dessert. I had 1/2 ABC Peanut Butter Persuasion with a shot glass of original almond milk. As I have stated before, peanut butter is a total favorite of mine, so I had high hopes for this cookie, but I found the cookie to be just ok… not horrible at all, because it tasted good, just not great.

For dinner, I decided to make my Cilantro and Tomato Couscous made with 1/4 cup dry couscous and I added some garlic and onion powder for flavor and jazzed it up with 2 tbsp of dried cranberries. I also added in two diced up slices of Deli Tofurkey. On the side I had the last of my brussel sprouts (I had 4), the other half of my medium avocado, and two corn tortillas.

I really hope this weather gets better… where’s the beautiful spring weather? Hope everyone has a good night. See you in the AM!


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