Mangos, Almonds, and Waffles.. oh my!

Good morning everyone!

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and the weather is nice and warm. 🙂

On Sundays, I always have planned to eat delicious waffles, so that’s what I had for breakfast this morning.

I had two Van’s Organic Original Waffles, with a side of half a delicious mango, about a cup of strawberries (these are so sweet.. just perfect!), 2 tbsp of sliced almonds to top the fruit, a Amy’s Breakfast Patty (it was my first time trying these and I really liked them… they do have a different taste, but I didn’t mind that. I appreciated its own unique taste), and about 1.5 tbsp strawberry jelly and a tbsp of almond butter. Quite the spread, I must say! The mango, strawberry, and almond fruit salad was sensational! Every flavor complimented the other.

Usually, I use peanut butter as a spread for my waffles, but I ran out of it yesterday.. but no worries, friends, because I had a backup. I bought almond butter some time ago since I had been seeing it in quite a few food blogs and today was the perfect day to try it for my FIRST TIME EVER…

Verdict: Although peanut butter is still my favorite nut butter, I really enjoyed almond butter’s different and unique (it has a smooth almond taste to it that I enjoyed, since I do like almonds). It is definitely a nice and welcome change to my regular peanut butter. 🙂

Have a great Sunday guys!


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