Avocados and Hummus = Yumo!

Well, I just remembered that I have a presentation to do with some fellow nursing students at a local homeless shelter about improving a commitment to an exercise routine. Ugh, yea, I don’t even have an exercise routine myself, so I’ll have to be listening to what I preach as well!

For lunch, I decided to have a good ol’ sammy made from 1/4 cup roasted red pepper hummus, 1/2 cup of medium sized avocado, two slices of deli Tofurkey on two slices of Ezekiel bread (this bread is so good.. glad I bought it), and a side of a serving of Terra Sweet Potato Chips. I saw these chips in my local health food store and I totally bought a bag because I love anything sweet potato, but I was disappointed to find out that these chips were fried, NOT baked like I originally thought. They were really good, though, but not something I’ll eat on a regular basis. It’s more of an ocassional treat. I also had about a cup and a half of red seedless grapes.

Lunch was yummy and satisfying… now on to get ready for this presentation and also work on some other projects. I just got to keep reminding myself, summer is only two weeks away… šŸ˜€


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