Surprise Visit!

I got a surprise visit this morning from my mom! She brought me some of my favorite food and dropped off some $$$, hehe… she’s so sweet, I love her!!

Instead of having a plain PB&J sammy for lunch, like I had originally planned, I ate a gordita stuffed with roasted red potatoes, vegetarian refried beans, and tofu that my mom brought me from my favorite vegetarian Mexican restaurant. A gordita is a typical Mexican food that is a small, thick tortilla that was made with masa harina (corn flour) and is either baked on a skillet or on a flat top grill and stuffed with any ingredients you want. Here’s some sample pictures..

I enjoyed my special veggie gordita with a side of 7 deliciously ripe and sweet strawberries and an 1/8 cup of toasted pecans. Lunch was such a treat and I savored every bit of my gordita, since I’ll probably won’t eat more of them until I go back home in two weeks…

Thanks so much Mom!! Back to writing my nursing care plan paper.. “see” you tonight!


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